We are dedicated to creating an environment where international visitors can enjoy safe and comfortable stays in Japan. We do this by offering our services to overcome any linguistic difficulties these visitors may encounter. We also contribute to international exchange programs held both in Nara City and local communities in Nara Prefecture, through our network of SGG Club members cooperating with other organizations.外国人旅行者の言語上の不便を解消し、これにより安心して日本旅行を楽しめる環境作りに貢献すると共に、あわせて意欲ある善意通訳者同士の連帯の強化と相互コミュニケーションの向上をもたらし、奈良市及び奈良県下の国際交流に関する企画及び事業に貢献することを目的としています。
外国から来られた方々に、奈良の魅力を伝える、お手伝いをしてみませんか?About 1300 years ago, Nara prospered as the first permanent capital of Japan. At the terminus of the Silk Road, many diverse cultures influenced the development of this unique city. As we read historical accounts, magnificent romantic images of that time come into our minds.
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