Nara City Information for Residents

Every month, we publish Nara City Information for Residents, an English translation of Nara Shimin Dayori issued monthly by Nara City Hall. It contains useful information for citizens’ daily lives, including events, classes, medical checkup and inoculation schedules, dates for garbage collection, and so on. It is available free of charge at the following places:

Nara City Hall
 Information Counter
 Foreigner Registration Counter
Nara City Tourist Center
Public Health Center (4F, Hagukumi Center)
Nara City Tourist Information Center (by JR Nara Station)
Kintetsu Nara Station
Chubu Kominkan (community center)
Seibu Kominkan (community center)
Hokubu Kominkan (community center)
Chuo Library
Seibu Library
Nara Chuo Post Office
Nara - Nishi Post Office

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